OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma girl got to celebrate a very special Easter Sunday.

Lilly Molett's day started with a ride in a pink EMSA ambulance and continued to the Oklahoma City Zoo for her own personal Easter egg hunt.

Lilly suffers from Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that can lead to developmental problems. Lilly is one of only five children in Oklahoma who have it.

EMSA paramedics picked the 4-year-old up and took her and her family to the zoo so little Lilly could hunt for Easter eggs like all the other kids.

"You usually see people in their worst of times. So it's really good to see a joyous time with somebody," said paramedic, Heather Yazdanipour.

This is something the paramedics have been doing for children with special needs for ten years now.