Deanne Stein, News 9

ERICK, Oklahoma --A deadly 16-vehicle pileup crash along I-40 in western Oklahoma killed two people and injured 12 others. Dense fog is believed to be the cause.

"I've been doing this for 15 years and it's the worst I've ever seen, ever," said Sayre Assistant Fire Chief Carl Billey. "Somebody just slowed down, and it was so thick nobody could see the slowed vehicle and it was a chain reaction."

It happened Saturday, March 31, near Erick, when 10 semi-trucks and six vehicles all slammed into each other. Among the injured victims were Adam Factor, 33, of Pleasanton, Texas, and his bulldog, Eva Honeybutter Biscuit. But at the scene, the dog was nowhere to be found. Billey said he was with Factor, though, as emergency crews worked to removed him from his vehicle.

"We didn't even call it a car, it had 4-wheels and that was it," said Billey. "It was demolished. It's a miracle he's still here."

Billey said it wasn't until later, that he realized Factor had a dog with him. He said he remembered seeing a pet carrier and dog food in Factor's car and finally put two and two together. After a little research on Facebook, he found the dog's picture.

"I think somehow she survived the accident," said Billey. "With all the crunching and tires squealing and the fire, she just took off running and it was so foggy, I'm sure she got lost and just kept going."

Factor remains in critical condition at an Oklahoma City hospital, but his fiancé confirmed the dog was with Factor at the time of the crash. The family just wants to find the dog, in case she is hurt too.

"We've got people all over Erick looking for her right now," said Billey. "We're pretty positive somebody has her. We just hope if we get the word out there, they will return her."

Billey said there have been at least two sightings of Eva in or near Erick. She does have a microchip, so if she is taken to a vet and scanned, Factor's name and contact information will pop up.

If you have the dog or have seen here, take her to a nearby vet or call the fire department at (580) 928-2140.