OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City psychiatrist alleges the FBI and DEA raided his offices without proper notice, so he's suing government agencies and denying wrongdoing. 

Dr. Amar Nath Bhandary is accused prescribing a lethal mixture of medicines over a year period, which ultimately killed five patients. Bhandary is letting his lawyer do all the talking because he is no longer in the city and no one has heard from him.

"I don't know where he went. I haven't been in contact with him nor has his family since then," said his attorney Daniel Gambino.

The doctor's practice is closed, but Bhandary left a message on the door denying wrongdoing. The indictment stems from alleged misconduct between 2008- 2009.

"He has always prescribed drugs appropriate for their condition based his examination and medical judgment," said Gambino.  

According to the complaint authorities "went ahead and seized certain documents that they were not authorized to seize."

Those records confirm Bhandary prescribed controlled drugs to eight separate individuals without a legitimate medical purpose.

"I am not aware of any family complaints against the doctor, of any malpractice against the doctor or any wrongful death lawsuit on the five patients against the doctor that are named in the indictment," Gambino said.

Some of the medicines in question are morphine, hyrodocone and oxycodone, according to the indictment and mixing these greatly increased the risk of respiratory problems, depression and death.

A grand jury will decide Bhandary's fate.