OKLAHOMA CITY - Do you remember a couple of years ago when Devon Energy first floated the idea of building an enormous skyscraper in downtown Oklahoma City?

Raise your hand if you doubted it would really happen, ok, I'm waiting for the rest of you to raise your hands.

Come on, I mean Oklahoma City hasn't had a real skyscraper go up in 30 years.

Yet, here we are, Devon has delivered a monolith even more overwhelming than most of us would have imagined.

And as I watched this video of the first Devon employees moving into their new headquarters it struck me again how fortunate Oklahoma City is to have corporate citizens like Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, SandRidge, just to name three.

No, I'm not beholden to any of these companies, I'm not buddies with Larry Nichols of Devon, or Aubrey McLendon of Chesapeake, I don't even recall meeting either of them, but I appreciate them and the incredible way they're investing in our capitol city.

Look at their corporate headquarters, the boathouses they've built on the river, I hardly attend a charity event that they aren't sponsoring.

Yes, I know they're making big money right now, I hope they continue to, because they're using a lot of it to make this a better place to live.