CANADIAN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Just as testimony revealed Becky Bryan's love affairs and her lack of emotion the night her husband, late Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan, was murdered, more information has emerged from the preliminary hearing.

Prosecutors dissected Bryan's statements before submitting new evidence. The state entered images that provided a clearer picture of the crime scene.

Testimony revealed each witness' account of Becky and Keith Bryan's home turned crime scene. Only exteriors of the home and reports from investigators have given descriptions of the house until the preliminary hearing.

Prosecutors submitted photographs of the home as evidence in the case. The images led to an open debate about Becky Bryan's statements the night of Keith Bryan's murder. 

Becky Bryan told police a man shot her husband in the living room then left their home the same way he came in.

"Becky had said the man ran out the garage," a family member explained. 

The family says after investigators recovered a gun in the laundry room they began questioning Becky Bryan's story, even stating the laundry room is not in close proximity to the garage door.

"I will let anyone draw their own conclusions," said Becky Bryan's lawyer, Gary James. 

In court, prosecutors pressed a detective, the first officer on the scene, and a friend of the couple about the layout of the home. The friend, Debbie Proctor, testified to leaving the house by walking from the patio through the living room and out the garage door. 

When asked, "Do you go through the utility room?"  Proctor replied "No, it's right next to it." 

During cross examination the defense focused a lot of its question on whether investigators ever looked for a gunman. 

"I think we have a real good defense," said James.

The family says, just like the layout of the Bryan home, they hope all the truth comes out.

"No matter what the outcome might be, we can handle the truth," said a family member.

When asked by the defense if it is possible a gunman could have left the house before police arrived, the first responding officer answered, "Yes."

Prosecutors are not making comments on the case.  The preliminary hearing will resume on April 4.