OKLAHOMA CITY - Does the NCAA Basketball Tournament distract people at work? Some studies say it decreases productivity, but increases co-worker morale. But none of that matters if you don't show up for work.

The NCAA Basketball Tournament is here, and for some people it's just like another holiday.

"Christmas, New Year's, March Madness," said one hoops fan who wished to remain nameless.

And just like the fan News 9 spoke with today, others were skipping work to watch the games.

"It's hard to get four days off of work, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do."

And local bars and restaurants in Oklahoma City are happy to oblige.

"Could be the witness protection scheme we run on [the tournament]," said Buffalo Wild Wings Franchise Owner, Ed Lynn. "I think there's a couple people who might play hooky or fake a longer lunch hour."

Some bosses even get in on the action.

"We have a little staff meeting today," Kip Racy said. "I heard someone say it should be a national holiday, in our minds it is a national holiday."

These guys get a pass. They work for the Oklahoma State Athletic Department and sports are their livelihood, plus the boss says it's OK.

Buffalo Wild Wing's staffs accordingly, but this year they say not as many Oklahomans are skipping work.

"This is typically our busiest time of year for us. Not having Oklahoma teams in it may hurt us a bit, but it's a great week for us and we have a blast," said Lynn.

President Obama took time out of his job to show ESPN his bracket picks. He picked Kentucky versus North Carolina going to the finals.