GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma - Grady County prosecutors are investigating if 23-year-old Chris Sylve will face more charges now that both his wife and a former girlfriend have come forward saying that he gave them HIV.

Currently Sylve is being held in the Grady County jail on 1 million dollars bond on rape charges. He's accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

"He's a threat to the community," said District Attorney Jason Hicks about Sylve's high bond.

His wife, Nicole Sylve, is now speaking out. She says she contracted the HIV virus from her husband and found out about it at the same time she found out she was pregnant with Sylve's child. She now wants to warn other women who may have also slept with him.

"He has told me he has slept with more than 80 women," said Nicole. "There may be other women and children out there who have HIV because of him, and don't know it."

Jennifer Goforth says she is a former girlfriend of Chris Sylve and that he also exposed her. She says now her and their child will have to undergo treatment for HIV the rest of their lives. Both women say at first Sylve denied giving them the virus, but later tests confirmed he indeed tested positive.

"He was the first man I ever slept with! We were together for four years," said Jennifer Goforth. "He disgusts me."

Now both women are encouraging others who may have been in contact with Chris Sylve to go get tested. And to come forward to help prosecutors build their case, that he purposely exposed individuals to the virus. The women say Sylve may have exposed people in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, all states where he has lived.

We did try to contact Sylve's mother for comment. She did not return our calls.