OKLAHOMA CITY - Police found three bodies in a northwest Oklahoma City home after neighbors reported hearing gunshots. It happened near N.W. 15th and Virginia.

Police continued processing the crime scene late Tuesday. A source told News 9 it was a double murder and suicide.

An ambulance pulled away from N.W. 15th Street around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, but no one from the crime scene was taken to the hospital.

"It's gotten real rough here lately," neighbor Kevin Smith said.

A source close to the scene says a man killed his aunt and uncle, and then turned the gun on himself.

"[Police] found three deceased individuals with significant trauma," Sgt. John Stacy with Oklahoma City police said. "I have heard that there is a weapon involved there."

People in the northwest neighborhood say violent crime in the area is not unusual.

"I'll hear gunshots every now and then," Smith said. "All we can do is ask for more police in the neighborhood."

As of late Tuesday, police were not releasing any information on the victims' or suspect's identities.