OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City leaders have a plan to transform Bricktown.  Right now, most visitors come to the area for dining and night life.  The idea is to make it more than just an entertainment district.

Oklahoma City Planning Director Russell Claus and other city leaders  have come up with a long term plan for the future called the "Bricktown Strategic Plan".

"We need to diversify and that's a large part of what the plan is trying to accomplish so we can get more retail, more office, and more residential," said Claus.

But filling the vacancies with retail stores will not happen overnight and will not be easy.

"Retail is the most difficult aspect in the downtown environment," said Claus.

Justin Thomas, the owner of the Bricktown Candy Company admits success hasn't always been so sweet.  It took a couple years to build his business. Thomas said he sees a need for retail, but there is one problem.

"That requires a lot of upgrades to buildings by property owners to bring in retail," said Thomas. He says it is easier for restaurants or bars to open, "They foot the bill for remodeling the building."

The strategic plan will also address the growth of people living near Bricktown and catering to their needs.  Deep Deuce residents have asked for better connection from their neighborhood to Bricktown.  Part of the plan is to add sidewalks and lighting to Russell M. Perry Ave.

Parking is also an issue.  The city wants to add on-street parking on key streets in Bricktown and along Reno Ave.