Bobbie Miller, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The wait at an emergency room can seem unbearable when you need help. The time it takes to get treated at ER's in the U.S. is on the rise.

But imagine no wait time at all. News 9 found one metro hospital that sees patients immediately.

By its name, you can tell The Oklahoma Heart Hospital specializes in cardiac problems. But what most don't know, is that their emergency room is for anyone who needs immediate treatment.

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital sees about 35 patients a day. They say most days, folks get right in with no wait at all. And when this room is full, the average wait is about 12 minutes.

Now to how other area hospitals compare. We found the Mercy Health Center emergency room sees daily, on average, 135 patients. The average "door-to-room" time is 35 minutes.

St. Anthony on average sees about 300 people daily. As for wait time, an estimated 28 minutes.

The ER at Integris Baptist Medical Center sees about 150 patients. They report their wait time from none at all to a couple of hours.

We're told Integris Southwest Medical Center, the largest hospital in the state, sees on average 250 a day with a wait time of 35 minutes.

Set apart as a well-kept secret, this team believes speedy service is one way to beat the competition.

Integris Southest Medical Center's ER made it in the top five percent of all ER's in the nation for top performance by a health care ratings company. They are one of only two ER's in the state that received this recognition. The other is in Tulsa.