OKLAHOMA CITY - A man has been charged with two counts of assault and battery and one kidnapping charge after a brutal encounter following a night out on Valentine's Day.

Police responded to the call early in the morning on February 15 in the 3900 block of N. May Ave.  When officers arrived in the area they discovered a vehicle with an open door in the driveway around 4100 N. Lankford. They also found a large amount of blood in the vehicle and on the side of the residence.

As officers approached the house the victim could be heard screaming from inside that her arm was broken and that her attacker, 32-year-old Reuben Ingram III, had fled out the backdoor.

According to the victim, she and Ingram had gone to a club for Valentine's Day. Upon leaving, Ingram became angry and began to punch her in the face as he drove the vehicle. The victim attempted to stop the assault by grabbing hold of the steering wheel, which caused the vehicle to crash into a tree.

The victim could not escape and Ingram continued his attack. Once they arrived back at their home, Ingram forced the victim to strip naked and get into the shower where he continued to attack her with a leather belt. She managed to get away for a moment, but was quickly dragged back inside the home.

Although Ingram fled the home on foot, police later apprehended him. The police report did not include where or when this happened.

The victim was treated for multiple injuries, including fractures on the left side of her face and her left wrist.

Ingram is a known member of the "Westside City" Gang.  He has two previous of domestic assault, as well as various drug and alcohol related offenses.