MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - The Mid-Del School District says disciplinary action was taken against a student seen on cell phone video brawling with a classmate at Midwest City High School.

The video shows two boys punching each other at the top of some stairs at the school. In the middle of the fight, the boys roll down the stairs, but keep punching. One boy then gets up and stomps on the other's head. The boy on the ground then lies still while the other student walks away.

The video also shows several students watching the fight and recording video on their cell phones. At the end, when one student is lying on the floor, some students do rush up to help him.

Midwest City Assistant Police Chief Sid Porter says the fight happened before Christmas, and police were not called into assist. According to Mid-Del Schools spokesperson Stacey Boyer, the incident was handled internally because neither boy was seriously injured. She says parents of both students were called right after the fight, and neither wanted to press charges.

Boyer says the district took "severe disciplinary action" and one of the students no longer attends Midwest City High School or any other school in the district.