OKLAHOMA CITY - The unsolved murders of three girl scouts captivated Oklahomans. Now filmmakers are bringing the horrific crime from 1977 to the big screen.

At Camp Scott, a summer retreat for Girl Scouts, the killer preyed on three little girls, raping, strangling, then dumping their murdered bodies near their tent.

The real-life horror from 1977 sounds like a plot for a movie, and soon it will be.

"We're hoping to tell the story the way it should've been told," said John Russell, producer at Chance Film Productions.

Film crews are shooting the trailer for the movie "Candles" in Southeast Kansas, after filmmakers were denied access to make the movie at Camp Scott, the scene of the crime. But film crews are making sure the scenes closely resemble Oklahoma.

"It seems like I've crossed and met this movie at every corner," Fred E. Peters said.

Fred Peters plays the role of the sheriff, but he also has personal ties to the story. His daughter attended the camp only 67 feet away from where the three little girls ages 8, 9, and 10 were murdered.

"I was trying to be the big man, but I went a little crazy inside, it was really a relief when we saw her get off the bus," Peters said.

Peters is not the only actor with a connection to this story. Four Oklahomans also play a part in the film. Two of them display the innocence stolen from the young murder victims.

"It's been really fun because we just get to hang out in Kansas," Ryleigh Brewer said.

"It's really exciting watching all the other ones and playing my part," Micah Summers said.

A movie filmmakers say will solve the 35-year-old cold case.

"I think it is a story that needs to be told, it is a very tragic thing and I think that the story that does get told will bring closure to those involved."

The filmmaker, John Russell, has a criminal background. He admittedly apologized for that, but said if not for his past, he would not have got what he claims is a confession from the real Girl Scout Killer.