OKLAHOMA CITY - Sitting courtside an hour and a half before the OKC-Laker game, Thunder GM Sam Presti walked over to say hey. We chatted for twenty or so minutes, and as always, when he walked away I felt so lucky that my hometown has a guy like him to run its organization.

Thought you might be interested my notes:

Strength and conditioning staff deserves tons of credit. We have system like San Antonio where we keep non-regulars physically ready to contribute. Each has his own workout that keeps them in condition that allows them to play the number of minutes they might be called upon to play. San Antonio has it down to a science. Players can't sit and watch and not have very many practices—with the short season, especially—and keep in game shape. For example, Royal Ivey is now getting minutes. He's been conditioned to be ready to maximize his efficiency capability by maintaining his game conditioning. And his is different than Cole Aldrich's. What makes it even more interesting is that if a player has to play 25 minutes instead of the expected 10 minutes, he may not be efficient for the final 15. We are cognizant of that matter.

On Ivey: Great shooter from short corner…?? That's most efficient shot in the game. Ivey is great at finding his spots and helping team spacing and a great defender.

On Aldrich: We look at wingspan. He's 7-3 or so but only 6-9 plus. You don't block shots with your head or shoulders so wingspan is what we go by. Self prepared him very well. Very well. It's hurting him to not get the practices he would have in a regular scheduled season. But he's doing what I'd hoped.

Our franchise fits the personality and character and foundation of this city. That's what I said when we came in. We're young but we're growing alongside a growing city. It's a perfect combination complimenting one another perfectly. I spoke to Edmond Rotary and asked how old Celtics franchise was. It's 66 years old to our 4 years old. It takes time. But we're trying to do it the right way. San Antonio has done it the right way.

Says for the Thunder, it's now about efficiency… on both ends… and in everything the team and franchise does.

I kidded about not leaving when high-dollar offers start rolling in. He laughed it off but basically said he's lucky to be in this situation, loves it here and has no plans to leave.

I am extremely impressed with his taking time to seek me out; his deliberateness; intellect; ability to break down things easily overlooked (like specific conditioning for subs) and implementing specific plans to maximize efficiency. Also, his thoroughness; ability to see the big picture but implement strategies that improve the small but necessary things it takes to succeed. I am also always impressed at him just being a "normal guy" although he's anything but. Also, he is a slick dresser…I wonder if Hans does his clothes?

Here's my the order of importance in the OKC franchise:
1. KD
2. Presti
3. Westbrook
4. Coach Brooks

It goes without/ saying the owners made it all happen.

See you Sunday on the Blitz! Time to treadmill, take a big bite out of Vince Flynn's newest novel and rebound as many shots as my little man Carson can put up. I coach our 12 year-old YMCA team—which just won our Edmond league for the fourth straight year! We are headed to Weatherford tomorrow morning to try to do defend our state championship title.