OKLAHOMA CITY - A judge sentences a man convicted of killing a 20-month-old baby. Judge Ray Elliott sentenced Omar Hill to life in prison with the possibility of parole for the killing.

In December of 2011, Hill was convicted of first degree murder for the death of his girlfriend's baby daughter. Autopsy reports show the murdered baby had extensive internal injuries including a lacerated liver, torn pancreas, bleeding to the brain and a cracked skull.

Hill walked out of district court Thursday without saying a word to reporters until he was asked about his December 9th conviction.

"I didn't do no crimes," Hill said. "I'm an innocent man."

Hill would not give reaction on his sentencing. Hill and his attorney, Mike Johnson, say they will fight the sentencing in appeals court.

"I truly believe this is an innocent man," Johnson said. "There's some appeal issues. We'll take it up on appeal and hopefully the appellate courts will get it right. If they don't, this is a very bad injustice."

Hill's family and supporters would not give reaction on the sentencing, but they were noticeably saddened by the news. Both Hill's family and the family of the baby's mother are supporting the convicted killer and maintain his innocence.

"We're stuck with the jury's verdict," Johnson said. "We disagree with it."

Both Hill and the baby's mother, Cierra Ransom, were arrested for the killing, but charges were later dropped against the mother. In past hearings, family members have disrupted the courtroom with emotional outbursts, but they remained silent during sentencing on Friday.