KINGFISHER, Oklahoma - News 9 is learning new information from police about a Kingfisher woman who they say has been missing since February 11th.

The OSBI says it will help assist in the search if and when they're needed.

Kaylan Leigh Ann Goodman is 18. That's old enough to make her own decisions, but both her hairstylist Heather Briscoe and manager and friend Amy Prater say something is not right.

Police say Kaylan left Kingfisher on January 24th, but no one has been able to contact her since February 11th, when her Facebook page was shut down and cell phone was turned off, too.

Kingfisher Police Chief Dennis Baker says she left with a man who promised her a great job selling magazines. But the more the chief looks into the matter, the more he says some of those groups are bad and known as traveling "magazine gypsies."

He says even though Kaylan left willingly initially, no contact with family or friends might mean she isn't where she wants to be.

Prater was her boss at "The Shiny Penny" shop in Kingfisher. Kaylan is also a responsible caring full-time nanny who loves Prater's kids.

Prater was shocked when Kaylan wanted to quit or get shifts off, but then said it was to "go see her sick grandmother in Texas. 

"I just did her hair the day she left. We didn't know. We thought she was coming back," Images Hair Shop Owner, Heather Briscoe said.

"It's just not like her to disappear," she said.

Police say she left with 29-year-old Scott Biddle to sell magazines.

"Some of these organizations are pretty insidious," Baker said. "They promise you things and find out later that's not the case."

Kingfisher police got involved when Kaylan's mother and father called them from their home in Texas.

When Kaylan's friends called her grandmother, she said Kayla never came there like she had said.

"We need to make sure that she's OK and where she wants to be," Baker said.

The girls hope she's safe wherever she is.

"There's a lot of bad things that can happen out there. We hope nothing's going on with her," Briscoe said.

Baker tells News 9 he's following up on a promising lead, one he hopes will lead to Kaylan's whereabouts soon.