OKLAHOMA CITY - A couple in northwest Oklahoma City said two armed men claiming to be police officers burst into their home early Wednesday morning.

Amanda Basnet told police she and her boyfriend, Eddie West, were sleeping in the home in the 2900 block of N.W. 11th Street. She said around 6 a.m., she and West were awakened by two men running into their bedroom.

Basnet told News 9 the men claimed to be police, but they were wearing bandanas over their faces. They were also waving guns.

Basnet said the men told them to get on the floor then they began ransacking the house, searching for money. Basnet said when they began to wrap duct tape around her boyfriend, she and West decided to fight back.

Basnet said she grabbed an alcohol bottle and hit one of them over the head. She said then she grabbed a chainsaw and hit one of the suspects.

Basnet told officers West then grabbed a fishing spear and stabbed one of the suspects. Both men then ran out of the house and tried to escape in a truck. West briefly tried to chase them while Basnet called the police.

West was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Police are investigating.