OKLAHOMA CITY - Tonight some of your feedback on my interview with the Ku Klux Klan.

Chico first: "As a black American, I am VERY OFFENDED!! I thought BLACK HISTORY MONTH was to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans??"

Linda from Tuttle says: "I, in no way, support the KKK and think it is disgusting. However, I do understand what they are saying. White Americans are not allowed to show the same pride in their race.."

Kwana writes: "..you are helping their cause by giving them air time, so they are able to get their message of hate and ignorance across.."

Nessa in Midwest City: "It disturbs me that you gave them a voice.

What good does it do anyone to know that the kkk is recruiting in Oklahoma?"

From Billy: "I've studied the KKK for years and their ways, due to the work I was in.

I had to laugh at some of their responses."

Ginger in Yukon: "I think their nuts. Hiding behind those mask they are cowards."

Finally from Dorothea: "..thought it was good and some questions I would have asked if I had the chance. however, I think they were a bit untruthful...to put it mildly."