OKLAHOMA CITY - A 16-year-old boy learns he will be tried as an adult in the double murder case of Boyd and Doris Haynes. The couple died in a fire last summer when police say Tristan Owen threw a Molotov cocktail at their home.

Family members of both the accused and the victims were at district court Friday. This is the third time Boyd and Doris' son, Terry Haynes, has flown in from Arizona to attend hearings in this case. Terry says it's all a way to show support for his mom and dad.

Family members from both sides filled the courtroom, and while they might not see eye-to-eye, they do agree Friday was difficult.

Seven months after police say Owen's actions caused a deadly fire, he is back in court one more time before heading to trail. The ruling Friday was a stiff blow to the Owen family. It was welcomed news for the Haynes family.

"The end result was exactly as the family wanted … that he's going to be tried as an adult," Terry Haynes, the victims' son said.

Owen's grandparents spoke to News 9 shortly after the hearing.

"I don't think [Owen] should be tried at all," grandfather Bob Owen said. "I think it should have been dismissed because there's no physical evidence."

Owen will now face two counts of murder in the first degree as an adult. If he is acquitted of the murder charges, he would not be tried as an adult on an arson charge.

That is a ruling the victims' son hopes the district attorney will appeal.

"There's another court hearing, and that brings everything to the forefront," Terry said. "We all grieve. All of us grieve differently, but it's extremely difficult."

Terry says each hearing brings him back to the scene of his parent's final moments. But, out of the ashes something good will happen. The Haynes family says it's donating the property where the house once stood to Habitat For Humanity. Terry says it's something his mom and dad would have wanted.

"I think they are both smiling in heaven," Terry said.

Owen has confessed to making Molotov cocktails and burning trash back in July, but he denies intentionally setting the fire to the Haynes home.

Owen will be back in court in March.