EDMOND, Oklahoma - Edmond police are trying to figure out who stole the catalytic converters from several local businesses' vehicles this week.

Authorities said the thieves stole several catalytic converters from vehicles that belong to a local church and two other businesses in Edmond.

The manager of Kid's Inc. of Oklahoma, located at 704 W. 18th Street in Edmond, reported to police on Wednesday that the catalytic converters from two of the school's vans were stolen. The manager said it happened between 6:30 p.m. Monday to 8 a.m. Tuesday, and school officials are looking at security cameras hoping to find images of the suspects.

Officers said they also spoke with the owner of Take Two Photography, located at 2800 S. Kelley Avenue, who said the catalytic converters from two of his vans are missing as well.

The owner of Take Two Photography said a truck that belong to Hoffman Fixtures Company had possibly been damaged. According to the police report, it appeared that someone had attempted to cut out the catalytic converter to the truck.

On Thursday, police spoke with the youth pastor at the Spring Creek Assembly of God Church, located at 1600 E. 15th Street. He reported the catalytic converters were stolen from two of the church vehicles.

Police said they do not have any suspect at this time. Anyone with information in these cases should contact Edmond police at (405) 359-4420.