OKLAHOMA CITY - Turns out divorce attorneys may love Valentine's Day more than anyone.

Divorce filings spike this time of year.

Cupid apparently doesn't heal all wounds. In fact, over the last two years, there's been about a 40 percent rise in divorce filings during this time of year.

Private investigator Jeffery Smith says February is when people say, "Forget it!"

"During Christmas holidays things slow up because families are staying together for the kids, but Valentine's day kicks off my business for the year," Smith said.

He predicts with tax season people can actually afford to file and when you're unhappily wedded and  surrounded by love it's a blatant reminder feelings have soured. So why not add sour to your soon to-be-ex sweetie?

"Sometimes it just has a sentimental meaning. Sometimes its antagonistic, but I get requests to do things on Valentine's day or Valentine's week," he said.  

Although it's sweet for business, serving divorce papers can be dangerous.

"Just cause I am delivering your divorce papers doesn't mean I have done anything with your wife. I have had people shake my hands and I have even been tipped," Smith said.

One divorce lawyer says he see two types of people: those who are acting on a New Year's resolution to be single, just a month late, and then there are  those  who decide to either reconcile or file for divorce based on Valentine's Day.