OKLAHOMA CITY - On Monday, Governor Mary Fallin said in her State of the State address she wants lawmakers to support a bond issue to repair the Capitol building.

The symbol of our statehood draws people from around the globe. Haykel Tlili came from Tunisia, "It's my first time in the United States and my first time in Oklahoma City. Of course it's my first time at the Capitol."

The building also welcomes visitors from across the country. "It's beautiful," said Seattle resident Richard Buck.

What he doesn't immediately recognize are the cracks and crumbling mortar and limestone. The very problems Governor Fallin wants fixed.

"It's embarrassing for our citizens that we have barricades that are out front when people come to conduct business here at the Capitol," the governor said In her speech Monday.

She said if millions of dollars aren't put into repairs, it could impact the future of our state. "It's a bad image for the state. I think it even affects our ability to recruit business."

Outsiders agree with the governor, "Public buildings like this, it's part of the infrastructure. They should be maintained," said Buck.

Some Oklahomans have another opinion. "We need some roads fixed right now. We need highways fixed," said Joe Lindsey.

It could cost $130 million dollars to fix the exterior of the building and update the plumbing and electrical wiring.