OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City boy accused of murdering his baby sister will be tried as a youthful offender. That's the decision an Oklahoma County judge handed down to Crystian Rivera on Friday.

According to police, Crystian Rivera, 13, said he was playing a video game and was distracted when his baby sister, 9-month-old Linda Beletzuy, fell and started to cry.

Rivera told police he then became frustrated when his man died in the game. The document stated the 13-year-old admitted he shook his sister, went back to playing his game, and then fell asleep.

The baby girl died from her injuries on Friday, August 19.

Being tried as a youthful offender is not the same as being tried as a juvenile. As a youthful offender, the boy can be bridged as an adult if he violates his probation .

We are still waiting to hear when Rivera will be back in court.