OKLAHOMA CITY - The Obama administration has issued a ruling that faith based hospitals, charities, universities and such must provide free contraception to their employees.

I said last night it looks like the White House is favoring birth control over religious freedom and that's dangerous.

Here's what you had to say Angel in Midwest City first: "..we should not value something not in the Constitution over the 1st amendment rights."

But James in Yukon writes: "..this seems to be the latest political attack designed to make the President look like an infidel or worse an anti-Christian bigot.."

Natalie in Stillwater: "The question is whether you believe the government has the power to make people commit acts which violate their moral code and their faith."

Beth in Norman: "This isn't a religious or partisan issue. It is a gender issue."

But Russell, a Pastor from Seminole disagrees: "If this law is allowed to stand, we as a nation will continue to lose our religious freedom bit by bit until we have no freedom left."

Katherine from Seminole: "I'm grateful to the Obama administration for standing up for women's reproductive freedom."

Finally Allen in El Reno writes: "The new directive only requires funding of medical procedures, not requiring people have procedures against their religion."