Michael Konopasek, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's been more than three weeks since a Mustang teen went missing and almost two weeks since police discovered her body in a duffel bag in Bethany.

Investigators continue to search for Carina Saunders' killer. As News 9 reported last week, Bethany Police are working with the FBI to create a profile of the killer.

Bethany police are continuing to track down leads. They said leads have continued pouring in ever since Saunders' body was found.

Police said six investigators, including the chief of police, are conducting interviews and categorizing information. Police have not made any arrests as of yet. So far, police have ruled out two persons of interest, both of whom have been cleared in the investigation.

Police released 21-year-olds Kyle Tweed and Cody Perez after questioning. Perez was labeled as a person of interest after his mother reported him missing shortly after Saunder's body was found.

The missing persons report shows Perez's mom told officers her son was connected to the murder victim. News 9 spoke with Perez's mom on Tuesday. She said she is not ready to talk to the media.

Since Saunder's body was found, hundreds of supporters and friends joined a Facebook page as a way to remember her and gather more information on her murder.

If you have information that may help investigators, call Bethany Police at (405)-789-2323.