Dana Hertneky, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma -- Next week Janet Barresi will take over as the State Superintendent of Education, and she pointed to the state's low ACT score average, and recent news that the Oklahoma math scores are way below average as proof that the state's education system needs fixing.

"What I'm focused on is that critical moment when the teacher's eyes meet the student's," said Barresi. "Learning should be able to occur. We need to increase the teacher's effectiveness in that area."

Barresi called her plan the "Three 'R' initiative." Not reading, writing, and 'rithmatric. Instead, she wants to rethink how we are delivering education, starting with how teachers are taught.

"If a child is having trouble with learning they should be able to quickly change their strategies to meet that child's learning style," Barresi said.

Her plan also calls for restructuring the state department and reform, and not just within the schools but at home as well.

"This is one where parents are going to be the biggest partner in this. We need to increase parent participation in the schools," Barresi said.

Barresi said she will be going out across the state to listen to parents concerns and talk to them about solutions.

She takes office January 10.