Jon Jordan, News 9

NORMAN, Oklahoma -- A husband said he's frustrated the Chief Medical Examiner's Office has ruled his wife's death a suicide.

Wendy Foster and her son Tripp were found dead inside their Norman home in October. The M.E.'s recently released autopsy report determined Foster shot herself in the neck with a shotgun. Her husband, Tim Foster, said Norman police have ignored critical evidence and latched onto the theory Wendy Foster killed her son then herself.

"It just doesn't make sense as far as my wife doing this. There are other scenarios here," Foster said. "There's no gun residue on her hands, on her body. It says she was shot in the neck. There's no gun residue on her neck. If she actually did it, it would be point blank and there would be gun residue."

Foster said police have failed to consider other possible explanations.

"I'm on TV right now, not for fame or glory, but I feel I have been wronged by the Norman Police Department."

A spokesperson for the police department said the M.E.'s report was conducted separately from the department's investigation. Capt. Tom Easley said although they are not actively looking for any suspects, they are still thoroughly investigating the case. He said detectives are examining the evidence and waiting for results of tests being conducted by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Tim Foster said he's committed to finding out who killed his wife and son.