Jacqueline Sit, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The Oklahoma City Ballet is showcasing about 100 of their youngest talents over a two week period at the Civic Center in this year's The Nutcracker production by the Oklahoma City Ballet.

The big production has big talent that comes in small sizes.

The youngest member of the cast is 6-year-old Christina Wornick

"I'm playing the little mouse and the little angel," Wornick said.

Wornick is one of 100 local kids who are playing a role in The Nutcracker, and it has taken countless hours for some of Oklahoma's finest to prepare for the ballet.

"There's all kinds of craziness that we have to do to prepare and be ready," said Mandy O'Neil, mother of three performers.

O'Neil knows all too well how much energy it takes to prepare her three daughters for the show.

"We know the dedication and the stress during these kinds of times too, and we try to make it as calm as possible for these girls," O'Neil said.

While Wornick is playing a part for the first time, other ballerinas who've stepped into the spotlight are trying to find a balance.

"During the week when we have rehearsals. It's really stressful especially because I have finals at school because I have a lot to study," said Gracie Singer, performing in the Nutcracker. "But the actual performances are really fun. I think it's worth it."