Gan Matthews, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Donald Reeser, 30, has spent the last year and a half in jail in awaiting his first-degree murder trial. Reeser is accused of drowning 2-year-old Allie Croom at Lake Stanley Draper in June 2009.

Reeser is alleged to have "dunked" the girl under the water, causing her death. 

Prosecutors said Reeser's 6-year-old son Brady witnessed Reeser sticking the girl's head under the water. Brady testified late Wednesday that he saw his dad dunk Allie, but on cross-examination he said he never saw her go under the water.

Amber Croom, the girl's mother, testified Wednesday morning she never saw Reeser dunk the child. She said the girl fell into the water for "eight to 10 seconds." She said she felt guilty about Allie's death because it happened while in her care.  

Amber Croom said after the drowning she thought about killing herself. She said she also feared charges might be filed against her.