Amanda Taylor, News 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- In mid-November, the News 9 Consumer Watch Team asked for your help, tracking down the owner of a metro company. He's accused of taking money from students and never giving them t-shirts in return. Not only did Consumer Watch get tips on where to find him, he happened to be watching and he called News 9.

Martin Luther King Elementary School in Oklahoma City hired Levie Thomas and his company, I.G.Y.B, in November 2009 to design a shirt for students and staff. The shirts were supposed to be delivered before Thanksgiving 2009.

That never happened.

So the school refunded the parents' money, more than $1000, which left a hole in the activity fund budget. The principal eventually got some advice.

"I've been advised the best route for you to follow would be to call Channel 9," said Dr. Norma Cole Simpson, Martin Luther King principal.

Consumer Watch went to work. I tried to track down Thomas but he moved. And his business was shut down. But News 9 went ahead with the story and Thomas saw it. He called and met me at the school.

"When I saw this on T.V., it didn't affect me because my heart is right from the beginning," said Levie Thomas. "My heart is never to rob people or do people wrong."

Thomas said a storm damaged his building, ruining the kids' t-shirts.

"I gave them my word the first chance that I get the opportunity to take care of this matter that I would take care of it" said Thomas.

That opportunity came. Thomas gave a check to Dr. Cole Simpson and apologized. The school now has $1,068 to put back into their activity fund.

"My heart is still wanting to do some shirts so as soon as I get back up and running, I'm still going to do the shirts," said Thomas after handing over the check.

"Sometimes things happen to us beyond our control," said Dr. Cole Simpson. "When a person comes forth and tries to make everything right, I feel the thing to do is forgive and to accept."