OKLAHOMA CITY -- A grassfire came within a few feet of homes in southwest Oklahoma City Saturday afternoon. About 40 acres burned just off of S.W. 102nd near May Avenue.

Crews got the fire under control at one point, only to have the winds shift causing the fire to head towards homes.

"When I started feeling the heat in my back porch, I said I better do something. So man when you got those embers flying every which way, man power is number one, so I kicked on the sprinklers," said resident Ray Evangelista.

"We had a pretty good stop on the fire, wind changed direction on us, going to the northwest, which just happened to have a housing addition right in line, so we had to change some tactics, switched gears, continued an aggressive attack," said Oklahoma City Fire Major Tim Long.

The fire is out. Firefighters say anything as simple as a spark from a match could have triggered the fire, but it is currently under investigation.