By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- City leaders in Edmond spent Tuesday afternoon touring flood damaged areas.

Edmond Mayor Patrice Douglas met with emergency management and public works officials to look at 16 key spots that were hit by Monday's flood.

The group's first stop was near Coffee Creek and Santa Fe where flood waters washed out the banks of a road. The goal of the tour was to assess how much damage was in the city and kick start clean up efforts.

"It's amazing. Think about how high the water had to be to do this. Conservative estimates show it will cost half a million just to fix this bridge area," said Mayor Douglas, referring to the buckled Sorghum Mill Bridge.

Public Works Director Herb Blomquist organized the tour.

"It's the first step to being able to pursue federal funding if it is available. You have to have the picture opportunities and dollar figures, but for people actually see the damage while it's still fresh is probably the most important thing," Blomquist said.

Douglas said leaders are still trying to figure out just how much the clean up efforts will cost. The city has been asked to submit estimates by both federal and state officials.