OKLAHOMA CITY -- A runner submitted photos to of his welts after getting caught in the severe hail storm on the northwest side of the metro Sunday.

Tim Hartmuller, who runs cross country and track and field at Oklahoma City University, said he was on a long run at Lake Hefner when the hail storm developed.

He thought he could make it back to his car in time, but got stuck trying to hide behind a bin near the playground on the lake. Hartmuller said he was pelted by golf ball sized hail and took a picture of the welts and bruises on his back after the run.

He said the dings and dents to his Honda Element are nothing compared to his injuries. Thankfully he was able to flag down a truck and "that man saved my life."

"It was just ridiculous. I was pretty much just running for my life. And I saw a random guy in a truck filming the storm and I waived him down and got in his truck and I'm pretty sure he saved my life," the OCU athlete said.

Despite the pounding he took, Hartmuller was scheduled to work Sunday. He showed up for his shift at Saii Sushi bar, but after seeing his injuries, his manager sent him home. The OCU runner said he is still a little shaken up, but just wishes he could remember the name of the man who saved him.

"Whoever he was, he was pretty much a guardian angel. I just want to say thank you to him. It was a crazy experience, probably the worst experience of my life," Hartmuller said.

The OCU athlete is on his way to Colorado and said even though there is rain in the forecast, it won't stop him from running again. He said it's the stubborn runner in him.

The 6 foot tall runner is originally from Owasso. See his athletic profile from OCU.

EMSA reported more than 20 people were taken to area hospitals after being caught in the hail storm like Hartmuller.