MOORE, Oklahoma -- Two men are in police custody after a suspected burglary ended with one of the suspects stealing and crashing a police officer's car.

Moore police said officers were responding to a burglar alarm when they saw a truck speed off from the scene.

The suspect driving the truck, Dustin Hoots, bailed out of the moving vehicle. The passenger suspect, Adam Barr, slid over and kept driving until the engine blew.

As officers approached the truck, they saw Barr reach for what appeared to be a weapon. The officers broke the window and tasered Barr to remove him from the truck.

Barr was then handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car. Barr was able to slip his cuffs in front of him. Police then recuffed him behind his back and placed him back into the patrol car. Barr was able to slip his cuffs in front of him for a second time, but this time he made it into the front of the police car while the officer was getting medical treatment. Barr then took off in the officer's car leading police on another pursuit.

"We haven't looked at the video yet. We still don't know exactly how he did that, but then he left the scene in our patrol car," said Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis.

The pursuit finally ended when Barr crashed the patrol car.

Barr was transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery for injuries he sustained. His condition is not known at this time.

Shortly after this incident, police located the first suspect, Dustin Hoots, and booked him into the Cleveland County Jail.