The Oklahoma Impact Team

OKLAHOMA CITY -- About 6.6 percent of Oklahomans are unemployed, according to the latest numbers from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission.

The commission's December report showed some hope for the state with a drop of .5 percent points from the previous month.

However, that hope isn't shared by the more than 117,000 Oklahomans without a job.

While state leaders say Oklahoma's unemployment rate is better than the national average, the impact of the economic downturn is still being felt by those in the state struggling to find work.

Many of the state's unemployed are sacrificing health care, but there are free health clinics across the state for people who need help. See a full list of free health care clinics in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa area.

Frequently unemployment is merely reported as a statistic, but the Oklahoma Impact Team is taking a closer look at the people behind the numbers.

They're our neighbors, our friends and fellow Oklahomans. Watch the video to the right for their stories.

Oklahoma City Area Free Clinics

Community Health Centers
12716 Northeast 36th Street
PO Box 30589
Oklahoma City, OK, 7314

Healing Hands Health Services
411 Northwest 11th
Oklahoma City, OK, 73103

Oklahoma Community Health Services
1025 Straka Terrace
Oklahoma City, OK, 73139

Baptist Community Clinic
Olivet Baptist Church
1201 NW 10th, Oklahoma City
(405) 717-9872

Southeast Area Health Center
744 Southeast 25th Street
Oklahoma City, OK, 73129

Tulsa Area Free Clinics

Bedlam Clinic, 2815 S Sheridan Rd
Tulsa OK 74129
Telephone 619-4555
John Gaudet, Administrator
Tedra Williams, Clinic Director

Broken Arrow Neighbors, 322 W Broadway
Broken Arrow OK 74012
Telephone 251-7781
Ms. Roseann Walker, Director

Community Health Connection, 9912 E 21st St
Tulsa OK 74129
Telephone 622-0641
Laurie Paul, Executive Director

Good Samaritan Health Services, 7600 S Lewis Ave
Tulsa OK 74136
Telephone 493-7884 XT 3
Lynn Hersey, BSN RN

Morton Midtown Homeless Clinic, 102 N Denver Ave
Tulsa OK 74103
Telephone 582-8203
Natalie Downing, Clinic Manager

Neighbor for Neighbor, 505 E 36th St N
Tulsa OK 74106
Telephone 425-5578 or 425-5595
Maria Euresti, Medical Coordinator

Neighbors Along the Line, 5000 Charles Page Blvd
Tulsa OK 74127
Telephone 582-3491
Mindy Tiner, Executive Director
Bonnie Coulter, Medical Coordinator

Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless, 415 W Archer
Tulsa OK 74103
Telephone 583-5588
Sandra Lewis, Director
Contact: Laurie Paul

Tulsa Dream Center Health Services, 200 W 46th St N
Tulsa OK 74126
Telephone 430-9984
Caroline Coussens, Clinic Director

Xavier Medical Clinic, 2448 E Admiral Blvd
Tulsa OK 74110-5323
Telephone: 583-7233
Phyllis Lauinger, M.D., Medical Director