By Rusty Surette, NEWS 9

CHICKASHA, Oklahoma -- It could be a rough week for folks living in Grady County. A spokesman for PSO said nearly 8,000 customers in the area are without power and it may be Friday before some communities are back online.

"This is a slow, long process," said PSO spokesman Stan Whiteford. "Our crews are facing tough conditions and that includes roadway problems."

The Grady County Fairgrounds is ground zero for utility crews from all across the region. It is also a shelter for those who are still without power.

As of Monday, Whiteford said a few hundred customers in Chickasha were still sitting in the dark. Areas south of Chickasha, including Rush Springs, Elgin and Cyril, have many more outages and damage.

"We have at least 100 poles and 300 cross arms damaged in the area of Alex, Bradley and Cyril," said Whiteford.

The ice also toppled Grady County Commissioner Mike Lennier's 100 foot radio tower at the county barn.

"I've worked for Grady County for 28 years and I have never seen us go this long without power. It has been different," the Grady County Commissioner said.

Downtown Rush Springs has turned into a ghost town. The damage there is much worse than in Chickasha.

Large heaters inside the Rush Springs fire station have been a sign of relief for families seeking shelter.

"Stress is a big thing. They are devastated. We are taking them out of their homes because it's too cold in their homes," said Rush Springs EMT Ann Grover.

Power in Rush Springs is not expected to be back on until later this week.