By Jon Jordan, NEWS 9

SHAWNEE, Oklahoma -- Authorities in Pottawatomie County are searching for two people they say burglarized a man's home and then kidnapped him.

According to the Pottawatomie County Sheriff the suspects, a man and woman, were burglarizing the victim's home in rural northeast Pottawatomie county at 9:30 a.m. when the victim, 25-year-old Randy Keyes, came home to find them.

"I'm lucky. By the grace of God I'm here still," Keyes said.

For over an hour Keyes said the suspects tied him up and blindfolded him and pointed a gun in his mouth at one point.

"When I had the gun in my mouth that was the only time I thought I might get shot. That was the only time I was like, OK, she's serious," Keyes said.

Keyes said afterwards the suspects drove him about five miles from his home, leaving him and his car in a nearby field. Keyes was able to free himself, flag down a car and call 911.

"We are putting every man hour we can into finding these people," said Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Boot.

Booth said he is confident they will catch the suspects, mainly because he said Keyes was able to get such a good description of the suspects. He said it was in large part because Keyes was able to stay calm, which was what likely kept him alive.

"I was trying to be smart about it. There was only one time where I thought I could lunge at the guy and get the gun from him, but I didn't want to risk it," Keyes said.

Pottawatomie County authorities said they believe the two suspects are still somewhere in the area. Authorities said they also believe the suspects may be responsible for other crime in the area.

The suspects remain on the loose and authorities ask if you know anything you are urged to call 911.