This is the missing piece of the puzzle!  Where did the Craigslist utility bill scammers get their stolen credit cards to facilitate their scam?  The Secret Service says Sandra Acuna knows.  They've charged her with 10 felony counts.  They say she worked for 3 metro medical offices as a receptionist.  While there, they say she stole patients credit and debit card numbers.

Now I asked each office how long Acuna worked for them and why they hired her (she is a convicted felon), and none of them said a word.

That leaves consumers at a disadvantage.  That's why I suggest if you went to one of these 3 doctors from August 2008 to December 2009, look back at your bank statements.  Look for a utility bill that was paid that you didn't know about.  If you find something fishy, you can call the Secret Service at 810-3000.  We'd also like to know about it.  You can call me at 841-9921.

We'll continue to follow this story.  More than likely the 3 suspects will go to federal court for trial in March, but I'll stay on top of it and let you know.

Also, if you missed the first 2 stories we did about this, it's worth watching. We set up our own sting to find out how the scammers operate.

Click here to read the unsealed indictment which outlines what the Secret Service was able to find.