OKLAHOMA CITY-- The  40th International Finals Rodeo is in town this weekend, and amid the riders and ropers there'll be a performance with a "classic" twist.

Dusti McCall is bringing her own special style of riding to the IFR. McCall's been riding horses her entire life. 

"We actually have pictures of Dad, y'know, holding me when I was just weeks old, on horses," said McCall. "So I just grew up around them and on them."

She's still riding horses, but these days, she generally rides them two at a time, bareback and barefoot. It's referred to as Roman Riding, a style that requires the rider to stand on the backs of two horses at the same time. Whether or not it originated during the Roman empire is debatable, but the fact remains that it's a demanding sport.

McCall has fallen more than a few times over the past 10 years.

"I've had stitches and broken wrists, and I've separated my shoulder," McCall said.

McCall's mother, Lynnette Crain, keeps her fingers crossed at each of her daughter's performances.

"I'm talkin'' to her the whole time she's out there," said Crain. "Just hopin'' that she's not gonna get hurt."

McCall spends most of the year performing at Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, but travels to rodeos nationwide when she can. She says she enjoys sharing her love of riding with other horse enthusiasts.

McCall will easily "stand out" among the calf ropers, bronc riders and barrel racers this weekend.  She'll be the one that's ...well...standing.

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