By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro nightclub featuring adult entertainment must stop operations immediately or face heavy fines. The Oklahoma City Board of Adjustments ruled against the club owners who wanted a city ordinance adjusted so they could continue to operate as normal.

All adult nightclubs in Oklahoma City must be at least 500 feet from residential neighborhoods. Club Fusion is not and the owners wanted the city to make an exception, but the Board of Adjustments denied that petition.

Peggy Reece said earlier this week that she could sit on her patio and hear the ruckus from Club Fusion at all hours of the night because it's so close to her home. Thursday, she came down to City Hall and pled her case to the board.

"It is worth it because they're doing something wrong. They're affecting the neighborhood," said Reece.

Club Fusion Manager Amber McPherson also pled her case, insisting most of the noise and early morning disruption is not from her establishment. But in the end, the board did not grant her the variance.

"We're just going to continue on and push forward and try to find the next best way to bring patrons into the club," McPherson said.

McPherson said there was no nudity inside Club Fusion, but signs around S.W. 89th Street and Western Avenue seeking dancers suggested otherwise. One of those signs was right outside HIS Paint.

"People associated that sign sometimes with our business because it was right there in front," said Kent Cox, Co-owner of HIS Paint.

"Our business is based on Christian values and that was basically against our personal and moral convictions," Cox said.

The city was already investigating Club Fusion for code violations, but held off citing them until after Thursday's ruling. Reece plans to keep up the pressure to make sure this adult entertainment doesn't continue.

"We'll just try to follow the proper channels and try to get it stopped again if they continue," Reece said.

If Club Fusion continues operations, it could be costly. The city said Club Fusion has at least two code violations and both of them could run about $1,000 in fines. The nightclub has about two weeks to get compliant before they are fined.