By Colleen Chen, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- With wind chills expected to drop below zero degrees this week, EMSA paramedics are warning Oklahomans that frostbite and hypothermia can happen in just a matter of minutes.

"People need to realize this is serious. Bundle up for everything including quick errands," said EMSA Field Supervisor Tony McCarty.

Oklahoma City Public Schools and Tulsa Public Schools decided to close the districts the rest of the week due to the sub zero temperature predictions and based on information from EMSA's medical director, Dr. Jeffrey Goodloe.

"Our concern is about the safety of our students who walk to school or wait outside for buses," Springer said. "The majority of our students walk up to two miles to school each day; in this type of weather that is a life threatening trip that we don't want our students to have to make."

The districts each have students who have to walk a mile or more to school and bus riders who typically can wait for 10 to 15 minutes before pick up. Goodloe said that's enough time to create a dangerous situation.

"In reality, this weather event is probably more dangerous than a typical snow day," Goodloe said. "Just because there may not be significant precipitation doesn't minimize the dangers of sub-freezing weather."

All district activities are canceled for Thursday and Friday. However, all 12-month district employees will still report to work.