El Paso police are warning of a possible Sun Bowl ticket scam on the Internet. Officers recently received several phone calls from people who believe they mistakenly purchased fake Sun Bowl tickets through advertisements on Craigslist.  The online ads allegedly offered Sun Bowl tickets for $55 or less, but buyers say when they purchased the tickets they only got a printed version and not an official ticket. 

Although police say it is possible the printed tickets are legit, ticket holders won't know for sure until they present the ticket on game day.  Authorities add it is also possible that whoever is selling the printed tickets could actually be keeping the real ticket for themselves or re-selling it, meaning buyers could potentially end up with no seat or multiple people buying the same 1 ticket.

Sun Bowl officials say that if a ticket does not scan game day, you will be asked to take it to the ticket office to see where it came from and if it's valid. If it is a real ticket they will also ask for matching identification before you will be given your seat.

To keep from being scammed, officials say you should always use an authorized seller. If you think your ticket could be a fake, you are asked to report the incident to police.

Written by: Mindy Mizell   Follow me on Twitter