By LeAnne Taylor, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Oral Roberts is being remembered at his namesake university Monday. The memorial service began at 2 p.m. at the ORU Mabee Center.

Roberts died Tuesday in California due to complications from pneumonia. The founder of Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association and Oral Roberts University was 91.

Special parking and seating areas will be reserved for family members and invited guests, while general public parking will be in Lots B, C, D and E. Both north and south main entrances will be open for public access.

The News On 6 is broadcasting the service live and has live streaming coverage.

As the world remembers this iconic and sometimes controversial man, The News On 6 is learning more about his life behind the cameras. 

In an exclusive interview with News On 6 Anchor LeAnne Taylor, Richard Roberts, Oral Roberts' son, says he was by his dad's bedside when he took his final breath last week.

Richard also opened up about the university that bears his dad's name and the events that led up to him severing ties with it.

LeAnne Taylor: "Share with us a little bit about your departure from the university. I know that in the last couple of years the separation between the school and your presidency... what has this been like for you? Having led the school, having it carry your dad's name and now not being a part of it.

Richard Roberts: "Well I have a great love for ORU. I'm a three times graduate. I have a bachelors, a masters and an earned doctorate from the university, but more than that, I watched it built from the ground up. My family has raised some $950 million for that university. I have a vested interest in its future. I love ORU. I want ORU to do well. And when god spoke to me to resign, I obeyed. I didn't understand. I wanted to stand and fight. I wanted to take on my critics. I wanted to speak out on those who lied against me and those who had their own agenda, but I decided not to. I took the bible route. I took the high road. The high road is not always the fast road, but it's the best road. I kept my mouth closed and the lord said if you keep your mouth closed, you will receive that double anointing I promised you. If you keep your mouth closed and walk straight, I'll take care of you. And he has. I want ORU to do well, it bears my family's name."

LeAnne Taylor: "Now that your dad and you are not affiliated with it, what do you see for the future of the university?"

Richard Roberts: "I hope for the best. I like Mark Rutland. I'm for him. I'm praying for him. I want him to do well and I want the school to do well and I'm praying for them every day."

LeAnne Taylor: "Share with us about the service for your father on Monday afternoon. What will that entail?"

Richard Roberts: "Well, I'm not at liberty to give the details, but I can tell you it's not going to be a funeral. My dad said, ‘don't have a funeral for me.' We're going to have a home-going celebration. And I think it will be a service that will not be forgotten quickly."

The public can send condolences and reflect on Oral Roberts' life online. Those who would rather call in may do so through the prayer line at (918) 495-7777.