By Jacqueline Sit, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The project that Oklahoma City recently voted to pass, MAPS 3, is moving forward. City officials are using the past MAPS success as a model for the current one.

When you look at Bricktown today, that used to be a vision of many in Oklahoma City. Part of that vision came from a group called the MAPS Citizens Oversight Board.

Carl Sullivan was on the first MAPS Citizens Oversight Board for a decade. The proposals from the 21 member board played a part in helping transform Bricktown from a vision into what it is today.

"When we started these projects, there weren't nearly as much in Bricktown. Bricktown was here but it needed a boost," said Kay Floyd, former MAPS Citizens Oversight Board member.

Floyd said the board consisted of people from all walks of life. Although city council had the final say, the different committees and the commitment are what made the MAPS project. Sullivan served on the committee that oversaw the canal, river and trolley.

"People knew when we began that we're going to be critical. We push for things like art in public places, we're standing here near a piece of art that might not have been in the package," said Sullivan.

The board toured every building in the works, reviewed other city plans, visited other ballparks and pushed for projects that were outside of MAPS.

"There were a lot of people on that board and so there were a lot of eyes looking at it and I think we all felt that it made the projects better to do it that way," Floyd

Floyd said a lot of what the board did was answer the public's questions when it came to the development of MAPS.

The city of Oklahoma City is still taking resumes for people wanting to be on the Maps advisory board. Learn more about how and where to submit your resume.