MIDWEST CITY -- When a thief tried to steal her family's Christmas a Midwest City mom turned crime fighter.

Friday morning her sneaky detective skills helped police put a burglar behind bars. On her way home from a shopping trip, Rachel Flint noticed something wasn't right.

"I saw there was a car in our driveway and it was one that I did not recognize," Flint said.

A burglar broke in while she was out.

"When I saw him he was coming out the front door carrying stuff out," Flint said.

But she wasn't about to let the man get away.

"I just wanted him to get caught," said Flint. "Your training just kind of kicks in."

This military mom put the pedal to the floor and picked up her phone. She called the cops and in her car followed the crook for miles.

Dash cam video shows what happened when Midwest City police took over. It's obvious the thief wasn't ready to give up blowing through a dangerous intersection and running a truck off the road. Police had seen enough and quickly took him out.

"The officers obviously did an excellent job eliminating the threat to society," said Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes. "The victim did exactly what she was supposed to do which is to provide us vital information so we could find the suspect."

And police found the loot in his trunk: Flint's television, computer and some Christmas presents, all of which she got back.

"We've been so blessed this year," Flint said.

Police think the situation ended well considering the holiday season.

"It's a happy ending to a holiday crime," Clabes said.

Police took Dale Lewis Junior to the hospital, and then to jail. He faces charges of burglary and running from police and he also has a warrant for robbery.