By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A group is metro high school students are hoping to make a difference by bringing the community together through the arts.

Between the Devil is usually just a group of young people getting together to play strictly instrumental tunes known as "post-rock."

"It's like rock and roll music but you use like your instruments to not so much make like chords and loud noises. It's more like textures and tones," said Chavez Soliz, guitarist.

But this week, the band's songs will be heard by those gathering to support a pro-life message.

Yukon High School student Carolina Low is leading the charge to organize Triple Play at the Tracks, an art show, concert and dance party benefiting the Hope Pregnancy Center in Oklahoma City, where mothers can go for help with unplanned pregnancies.

"It's just important for me for people to realize that just because a baby is somewhere that you can't see it, and just because it's super tiny, doesn't mean that it's not life," Low said.

Booking the bands was one of the first steps. Low said she started with an Indie group that mixes in rap. They're local, ready to play and believe that music will bring people together in support.

"I think music is a big unifier. In most situations, it kind of causes people to think about things maybe they wouldn't consider otherwise," said Zach Felts, who is a singer and guitarist.

Triple Play at the Tracks is a way the arts are making a difference for young mothers needing help.

"Even if the event doesn't get repeated and it never happens again, I think people will really be able to understand the importance of pro-life options," Low said.

Triple Play at the Tracks is Friday, December 4, 2009 at the Train Tracks, which is an indoor venue at 4325 NW 4th Street, Suite B in Oklahoma City.

The events kick off at 5:30pm, music starts at 7:00pm and there's a dance party at 9:00pm. Tickets range from $5 to $10.