By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- The City Rescue Mission is known to help those in tough financial situations, especially around the holidays, but this year the number of those asking for help has nearly doubled.

Volunteers at the City Rescue Mission are working overtime to make sure needs are met. Last year they handed out 800 boxes of food, but this Thanksgiving, they're giving away more than 1,500.

Volunteers downtown know that Thanksgiving is about more than just the traditional turkey and stuffing, but for those waiting to take home the meal they know that making family memories without the food isn't ideal.

"Right now I'm in a recovery home, and I don't have any. I don't have a turkey. I need a turkey. For you know, my family and all," said Zena Boone, who picked up a box of food from the City Rescue Mission.

The tough economy has taken a toll on a new population of people this year, those who have never taken a handout before.

"Times have just been hard the past few months. I'm a single mom, and it just seems like when I work it's just enough to pay the bills and get by," said Elizabeth Gerhard, who asked the City Rescue Mission for help this Thanksgiving.

Record numbers of volunteers are also turning out. If Oklahomans can't give money, they're giving their time.

"We've literally had hundreds of volunteers come down through this holiday season. We had 250 volunteers just Sunday come down to help pack the boxes," said Tom Jones, City Rescue Mission CEO.

And what they're doing for their fellow Oklahoman's is making a difference one box full of fixings at a time.

"I'm really thankful that they're doing this, because without this I wouldn't be able to have a Thanksgiving dinner," said Tambra Charboneau, who picked up a box of food from the City Rescue Mission.