By Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Last week, Oklahoma City-based Feed The Children founder, Larry Jones, was fired by the organization's board of directors. But Tuesday, he began the fight to get his job back.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday morning by Larry Jones against Feed The Children and its board of directors. Jones claims he was wrongfully terminated and wants his job back. In the meantime, he wants the charity to quit using his name and face to raise money.

"There are people who want to control the funds, resources of this company who don't necessarily have the same direction or commitment that Larry Jones has," Larry Jones' attorney Mark Hammons said.

According to this lawsuit, Jones was terminated based on "reasons of personal malice and spite." Hammons hints it may also come down to money.

"There may be a goal that focuses more on financial rewards to people involved in the management and the running of the company," Hammons said.

Jones founded the charity 30 years ago. But last December, things began to unravel when Jones fired several top executives, including his daughter, who is the organization's general counsel. A judge later reinstated them and Jones agreed to give up operational control. He continued as the name and face of the charity until last week. Jones was fired after reports surfaced he put recording devices in several offices.

"His only intentions were to record conversations that he was a party to," Hammons said.

Hammons says the lawsuit also asks for a temporary restraining order to force Feed The Children to stop using Larry Jones' image to raise money. Hammons says the organization is still doing that despite being told not to.

"It's potentially a criminal act to use his name and likeness without his permission," Hammons said.

A hearing is set for next week on the temporary restraining order. I also contacted the attorney for Feed The Children. The organization isn't commenting on the lawsuit at this time.

As for the investigation involving Larry Jones and the recording devices, the district attorney's office says no decision has been made yet as to whether Jones will face criminal charges.