By Dave Jordan, NEWS 9

LAWTON, Oklahoma -- A day after a mass deadly shooting on Ft. Hood Army Post, it was a tough day for soldiers stationed at Ft. Sill and their families.

Not only are the soldiers dealing with the loss of their fellow service men and women in Texas, but they're getting ready for deployment.

At Friday's deployment ceremony there was a moment of silence to honor the fallen 13 victims at Fort Hood.

Army Major General David Halverson said a few words after the event.

"Through the hard times, all the good times, you know, we were there for each other. I think that's what we are. We understand the sacrifices we go through, so the people in Fort Hood had an unfortunate incident, so we were there for them," Halverson said.

The Military will not disclose the actual date and time of Fort Sill's 1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery's deployment for security reasons.

This group will be supporting the launch rocket system under the support of the senior Iraqi commander.