By Kirsten McIntyre, NEWS 9

GUTHRIE, Oklahoma -- During the Halloween season, many people are in search of some of Oklahoma's haunts.

Several Web sites list haunted places all across the country, including Oklahoma. NEWS 9 headed north to see what we could find in one of the state's oldest towns.

As Oklahoma's first state Capitol, Guthrie is known for its rich history, but as the sun goes behind the trees and the wind begins to blow, spookier sites stir the spirits. Sites like the old Logan County jail where legend has it inmates who hung themselves still roam the cells, or the Logan County Hospital where stories are told of a ghost on the third floor who watches over the abandoned property.

But there is no place quite as well known for its haunts as the Stone Lion Inn.

Becky Luker owns the Stone Lion Inn bed and breakfast and said as the story goes, the century old house is haunted by the home's original owner, F.E. Houghton, and his daughter who died as a child.

"She contracted whooping cough, and what I have been told is the maid overmedicated her," Luker said.

Luker said while living in the house, her family heard unexplained footsteps, and her son even claims to have seen the girl in his closet.

"He said, 'why don't you fix me some breakfast and I'll got back when she's finished.' I said, 'she? Who do you have upstairs?' He said, 'mom, it's the ghost.' Well, we hadn't used the 'g' word yet, but that was the first time," Luker said.

It's believed Mr. Houghton's spirit also hasn't left. The smell of his pipe still lingers and a relative even saw him in a mirror.

"She ran upstairs and got in bed with her parents. She's 34-years-old and a doctor," Luker said.

What about the guests who stay at the Stone Lion Inn? Luker said four women recently left during the middle of the night after they felt someone touching their faces and hair.